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Fur Coat Winters Furs Red Bank NJ
You have to take care of your fur for it to continue looking great, so bring it to us for refurbishing. We offer restorative services that include fur cleaning, storage, and alterations.

Preserve your furs with storage, cleaning, and alterations from our store in Red Bank, New Jersey. Finding a furrier that provides services of exceptional quality is rare. At Winters Furs, we serve not only customers who originally purchased from us but also those who are looking for an excellent vendor to supply a full range of services related to furs.


Winters Furs clean and modern storage facility will insure that your furs receive the finest care during the warm summer months. We have a storage vault that is temperature and humidity controlled- specifically designed to properly maintain your garments.

Have your fur cleaned every year, regardless of use, to ensure that it stays beautiful year after year. Unfortunately, your home may be the worst place to keep your garments in the summer months. Improper fur storage, excessively high or low humidity levels, insects and lack of proper air circulation are all factors that can lead to the deterioration of your fur garments.

It doesn't matter where you purchases your fur, shearling or leather. Winters Furs will store and take care of all your needs.
Fur Coat Storage Winters Furs Red Bank NJ
Fashion Fur Coat Winters Furs Red Bank NJ

Restyling & Alterations

While your fur is in storage you may want to consider restyling or having alteration work done. Have small rips, tears and rubs repaired immediately by Winters' in-house fur specialist. This will prevent more expensive repairs later.

Restyling your old furs is an economical way to get further use of an outdated design. Our expert staff at Winters will show you the latest fashions and give suggestions as to how your old fur can give you many continued years of use.

We service all types of luxury outerwear. We provide full service that preserve, repair, restyle and revitalize all your fine furs.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Maintain the look and value of your furs with cleaning, glazing, and restoring. These services are beneficial for all your furs, liners, and trimmed coats along with shearlings. Even if you don't use them each year, furs must be cleaned and glazed to preserve their appearance.

Fur is one of today's smartest fashion investments. From sleek chic to subtle sophistication, the versatility of today's fur fashions makes fur more wearable than ever. For daytime or nighttime, with jeans or a gown, your fur will be an integral part of your wardrobe for years to come. So protect your investment and come to Winters Furs.
Fur Coat Cleaning Winters Furs Red Bank NJ

Contact us for services that keep your furs looking beautiful.